Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Peanut Butter & Jelly Gluten Free Pancakes

This recipe is for a fun and delicious snack that everyone in the family will love. I came up with this recipe by utilizing some of my favorite vegan grocery store finds.

              I love this snack idea because it is something you can turn into a fun activity with your kids. It is super kid-friendly and the ingredients are all safe for children to manipulate.

*All of the ingredients are vegan, organic, and Non-Gmo. The pancakes are also gluten-free.


2 Van’s gluten free pancakes- Original (found this at my local Walmart! Yea, I know!)
1 bananas
Organic Strawberry preserves (Organic and reduced sugar is best)
All-natural, raw peanut butter (I get mine from my local whole foods and I absolutely love it.)
Organic golden light agave


Place your two pancakes in a toaster oven until they are golden brown or to your liking.
Spread peanut butter on one pancake and strawberry preserve on the other. (If you wish, you can stack the two pancakes on top of each other)
Drizzle the two pancakes with “syrup” (I use agave, there is also maple syrup. A non-vegan option would be honey or regular pancake syrup.)
Slice up one banana and use for decoration on your plate.
Voila, your pancakes are ready to be eaten. ENJOY!

                *Alternatives: For people who have a peanut allergy, this recipe can still be for you. There are lots of great nut butters such as almond butter that can be used in place of peanut butter.

      Let me know if you try this snack idea and how you fancy it. 

                        Till next time, 


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